Quilled heart pattern #6

Gosh....this is my sixth quilled heart pattern card hehehe.....I have one more quilled heart card to make for the giveaway. And I think I already have an idea of what color combination I'm gonna use for the 7th one :). I'm getting better at arranging the round quilled paper to form the heart shape. I remember the first few hearts I made were out of shape! LOL! It's so funny when I look back at the photos of them. The more I practice at it, the more comfortable I get at making them. It becomes easy over time. :)

I really like the colors I chose for this heart. A mix of cool greens and soft pink and soft purple. Like flowers and leaves mix together in a heart. I'm just playing around with the colors I have and see how it matches. There's just so many other combination to try out. I'm loving it! :)


FiqaSaleh said…
nice.. love it :D
Azilah said…
Saya suka yg ni. Nmpk sweet !
Thank you girls! I love sweet colors too! hehehe....it looks sweet like candy ya? ;)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful color combination, Lin. Truly stunning. Love the 3 hearts on the envelope. Very nice touch.

Every card that you make comes from the heart. I can see it in the card.

You are a VERY gifted artist. And every one of your cards is perfection.

Hi Barb...

Thank you so much dear...my Mom adores this quilled heart too! I must say that this color combination is one of my favourite too! :) Thank you so much for your lovely comments...I truly appreciate it!

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