Quilled heart pattern #5


I'm so excited with this quilled heart card's color combination. :) I call it my Dunkin' Donut color combo! LOL! Coz these two colors (orange and dark pink) combination is the color of their logo. I simply love it as the colors are so cheerful and bright!

So far I've already created 5 different color combination and I have to do 2 more to add to my quilled heart pattern card collection. I need 7 different color types for the blog giveaway this month.

I did the quilling technique here using the bamboo skewer that I turned into a quilling tool. I simply love using it lately. The bamboo skewer is quite long in length, so there is ample space for me to grip my fingers on it unlike my metal quilling tool that is so small and short in length.

Can't wait to be making more of these quilled hearts with different color combination soon! :)


Cards by Cheryl said…
Your heart is fantastic and I love the color combo. It's great to get ideas for colour as well.
Thanks so much for show your work.
Hello Cheryl!
Thank you so much! Love your quilled cards too! Gorgeous!

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