Quilled heart pattern #3


I'm loving this quilled heart pattern #3 :). The color combination of this heart is one of my favorites....pink and green just like the quilled roses card I made for the recent blog giveaway. This time around I made sure I drew the shape of the heart on the card before I glue and arrange the quilled pieces on the card. This way the lines will guide me and the shape of the heart will not look crooked on the sides like the quilled heart I made recently. 

The card is blank on the inside but has a soft pink paper inserted in it for writing your own personal wishes. This note card is suitable to be given to your loved one or even to your own family member for that matter that you love so dearly......or even to your best friend! :) 


Asma' Ahmad said…
terus scroll down tengok yang kaler purple tu. hehe. ha'ah this one is more neat dan warna hijau tu membangkitkan suasana! rajinnya kak lin buat jenis ni banyak-banyak! ^^
mama zharfan said…
very nice colour combination :) tak sbr nak tunggu card yg i order ;)
I love this one very much. I love the pink and greens together. I made myself a bracelet and earring set with crystals that are light pink and light green and I always get compliments on it. Pink and green are always winners I think.

I was wondering, do you use a template to make your envelopes? Sometimes I have cards that just get too thick for an envelope and when I make them it's always a pain in the butt LOL. If you could share your secret I would be very grateful!
Hello Christina...
Yes...I make my own template actually for my envelopes. I usually design the envelope first before I think about the shape or size of the card. This way I won't have any problem finding an envelope for the card. I use an A4 size paper to make envelopes for all my cards. Some envelopes requires 2 pieces of A4 papers...some require only one. :)
Grace to You said…
Lin, you won't believe what just happened!

I made a card years ago in a class where the teacher provided the rubber stamps we used and I want to recreate the card but I can't find one of the stamps she used. I googled the words "rubber stamp 2.5" x 2" frame checkerboard hearts" and clicked on "images" and started scrolling and guess what I found? This photo of a pink and green quilled heart!! When I saw your beautiful handwriting along the side of the heart I knew it was yours. How cool is that?! You're famous! :)


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