Quilled flowers and heart combo


I'm pretty excited today......hehehe....and it's all because for the first time, I was able to put my blog link on my photos :). Finally! I know it's nothing much....it's not watermark....it's just something I learned how to do when I went to the course I attended last month whereby I was taught to put words in images. I'm a bit of a slow learner in all this.....but in the end, I did it! I hope this would prevent people from copying my artwork here. It has happened many many times whereby people would copy my photos here and paste them in their blogs and never even giving credit to me at all for my hard work......instead they claim that the cards were made by them. That really upsets me. But I know God sees what they have done to me and I believe that God is fair to all his subjects. They will get their punishment for what they have done. :(

Ok....now lets talk about the birthday card hehe. This card is for my Mom's good friend, Auntie Rubitah. She has been a very good customer to me ever since I moved back to Alor Setar. Her birthday is coming soon and my Mom asked me to make a birthday card for her. Actually I was quite lost for ideas......but I remember that she loved orange and red color and my Mom wanted quilling patterns on the card. So that's how I got those colors and patterns for the card  :) I combined hearts and flowers together because I couldn't decide which one I should concentrate on......so I did both! hehehe! 

The pop up idea.....came spontaneously........didn't even plan it.....I just did what came to my mind at the moment. The quilled flowers were very simple patterns.....nothing fancy. I had to keep it simple as I was running out of time. I have quite a lot of cards to make by Monday. So, I just did it as fast as I can and at the same time tried my level best to make it look good :). I'm so glad that my Mom loved it. I think she loved it mostly because of the colors! LOL!


mama zharfan said…
as nice as usual :)
Ann said…
So pretty! I like the little hearts combined with the flowers.
Grace to You said…
Do I see two different colors in the flowers?? They're beautiful!
NahWaL said…
hi can u make giant wedding cards? Thanks
Mama Zharfan...thank you!

Ann...thank you! I love the combination too!

Sandi...yup! It has two tones...red + orange :)Thank you!

Nahwal...I'm sorry, I don't make giant wedding cards.

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