Purple hearts....


I received a few requests from a customer 3 months ago to design for her a wedding anniversary card and a birthday card for her hubby plus 2 more cards which she chose from the catalog here. I shall be posting the birthday card I made for her hubby soon. :)

I did have a hard time thinking of a new design to make for an anniversary card. She specifically wanted the card to be the tall narrow type like the tall cards I used to make way back in 2007. But I thought that particular size is a bit too small especially if I need to put wordings inside it. Even if I wanted to, the wordings would be too small for her to read it because of the small space inside. Therefore I chose this size which is a bit wider....thus giving me more space to decorate as well.

She requested the card to be in purple and white as the main color. So, I followed her request and added silver to give it some spark :). I love adding the purple heart beads and arranging them that way. It's the same technique I used for my love theme card I made before, but in this one I arranged it differently. I'm loving it so far. The design itself is pretty simple because I used an embossed paper for the base of the card. So I can't decorate too much on the card itself otherwise it will look too crowded. So I had to keep it simple. Not too overly decorated, especially since it's to be given to a guy. I'm so happy that my customer loved it! I love it too! :)


Allycat said…
Hi Lin
I love this card, I did something similar long time back but not as beautiful as yours! So pretty.xx
Thank you everyone!!! Appreciate it very much!!! :)

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