Prizes posted!

Guess what? I've just finished making all the cards for last month's giveaway yesterday.......yup....I'm super  duper slow these days....I can't make them fast enough. But then again.....the cards are in fact quite a handful to make and I tried my level best to get them done as nicely as possible. I know it's super duper late......but I'm glad I got them done and posted all of them today to all the winners. I hope all the cards arrive safely to them.....I always worry about the delivery hehehe.

Now, I will be concentrating on the next giveaway.....thank God this time around, the design is less complicated hehehe.. Soon, as months pass by, I will need to make more and more prizes for winners. I really have to figure out how to do it as it will be really time consuming. I hope I will come up with good ideas soon :). Please pray for me ya! I really want to make my wish come true!


Asma' Ahmad said…
ksedihan tingok gambar ni sebab tak menang. huehue. as dah try buat roses yang mcm kak lin buat. hodoh bebenaw jdny. hahaha!

and same goes with me! >.< risau hntr kad quilling ni.. skg kad as, sumenye sent by using box. mandatori. takde negotiation! grr.. haha!

will pray for you kak lin! hope this monthly giveaway berterusan sampai bila-bila. amin. as nk buat asek tak sempat jek. tak cukup gigih :P
Kalau As nak kad ni boleh! Apa kata kalau kita swap cards nak??? ;)

Kak Lin tak pos guna kotak...tapi KLin lapikkan dengan kertas keras on both sides of the card utk protect kad tu. So far so good laa...kad diterima dengan selamat :)

Amin...amin...thank you for your prayers and keep them coming! ;)
anin said…
wau cant wait to have this. kak Lin ..anin rasa nak melompat pun ade
heheheh....sabar ye Anin...dalam beberapa hari sampai la insyaallah... :) Hope it arrives to you in good condition!

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