Giveaway Scout

I received an invitation yesterday to add my blog giveaway to this giveaway website. Giveaway Scout is a unique giveaway search engine that scans thousands of blogs to discover up to date giveaways, sweepstakes and contests every day. By joining them we can also get updates on high value giveaways in all categories: fashion, appliances, gadgets and more.

They will publish our giveaways on their own multiple channels:
- Website
- Newsletter
- Twitter
- Facebook 
- Widget network

We can get more exposure to our blog and giveaways. And the best part is that it's 100% free of charge! :)

Go this link to find out more :).


Thanks for the information! I have been trying to think when i should offer my first give away, but my hits are not too high yet.
Glad this can help you too Christina! I need more people to join my giveaway as well...hope this will help me get a lot more hits. :)
Maybe I should go ahead and try one now then. It can't hurt. At least then I can try to list it there and get more hits. And my hits might help your hits LOL
Yup! I think you should just give it a go girl! And yes, it's a chain reaction will definitely help me as well when people go to your blog. All the best Christina! :)
:) Thank you. I just made a give away post and registered there! Thanks for your support! It took a lot of courage for me to decide to open my own business and I've spent hours and hours working on my site! Now I just have to get people there.

I still plan to register for your give away too. Gotta get that done soon!
Allycat said…
Thanks for the link Lin, useful to know. xx
Thank you Christina for participating again in my blog giveaway. I would love to join yours too! hehe! I'm so happy to see what you have done to your blog so far. It's great! :) are most welcome... :)

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