Please vote for my June 2010 Blog Giveaway!!

Hello everyone! Today I'm doing another poll to help me decide which theme I'll be doing for my June 2010 Blog Giveaway. I added the poll at the top right side part of the blog. I plan to use the quilling technique  on any of the just tick on the theme you love most ok? :)

You will have 3 themes to choose from:

1. Floral theme
2. Love theme
3. Birthday theme

I know that most people would prefer the love theme.......but there are some who prefer the floral or birthday as please let me know what you would like to win for the June 2010 Blog Giveaway by voting at this poll. A floral theme card.....a love theme card or a birthday theme card :). There will be 6 prizes to giveaway for month of June and I'll only be giving away one card per person. I do plan to add something else together with the card prize.....but that will be a surprise!!! will have to wait till I post an entry about the giveaway soon. 

The poll starts today and will end on the 7th of June 2010. 

SO vote vote!!! Thank you!!! :)


cicakgirl said…
i have vote it!;)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Cicakgirl! :)
vOte 4 lOve card x)
aku.leha. said…
i love floral theme. Already vote for it!
zai kulim said…
zai pun dah vote..
anin said…
floral theme voted!!!
tiefazatie said…
i hv vote it!
love theme!
i vote for floral theme...:-)
i vote for floral theme.. :-)
mama zharfan said…
voted done! love theme ;)
Monalea said…
i vote for floral theme...
sazalina said…
maybe for quilling technique, i would prefer floral theme. =)
CaDLyNN said…
vote for floral theme!! :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you everyone for voting!!!! Looks like so many have voted for the floral theme...hehehe! :)
Amanda Eltiqaz said…
sy vote for azlina~ ok .gurau. sy dh vote juga :P
shidasyakirin said…
ok dah vote for Floral Theme!!
i vote for floral theme! flower pOwer! =)
i super duper vote for floral theme :))

go go flower flower.hihi
Asma' Ahmad said…
i vote for floral theme!! ;)
Azlina Abdul said…
Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! Looks like so many people love the floral theme!!! hhehe...I LIKE!!!! :)

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