Terima Kasih Chenta....


Ain't it sweet? hehhehe! I must say that I really love the color combination here. Soft pink, turquoise, white and purple, plus a little touch of silver. This is a request I got from my previous customer's husband. Before this, my customer surprised him with my handmade card, and now he is surprising her with a similar card to thank her for the surprise she gave him. Sweet huh? hehehe..... :)

He suggested that I use similar colors like the card he received which was purple and pink theme but since it is to be given to a lady, I thought perhaps I should make it more softer and sweeter. He also suggested I use turquoise since she loves that color too.

Actually I made this card a lot earlier but couldn't publish it here yet because I had to wait till the surprise is over in order to do it. I can't risk having her see the card before the surprise. hehehe....So once I got the green light, I can now publish it here today. So happy about that. It's about time :)

The card I made before (HB052), I did the pop up of the husband with hair that was just cut out from a black colored paper. But this time around I tried to draw the hair using an ink pen. It was an interesting experiment hehehe....I think it looked ok, much better than just cutting out a shape from a black colored paper right? LOL! I also made the pop up of the husband and wife holding each others hands.....that's different, I've never done that before hehehe.....so difficult too. I was suppose to put some baby products somewhere inside the card together with the pop ups but somehow my experiments didn't work out so instead I just added the USANA products in the basket which is something that his wife is taking now for her pregnancy. And the other basket I added some bottled products. Those were suppose to be gifts for his wife. I was only suppose to make one basket, of him holding the basket and handing it out to his wife but since I couldn't figure out how to do so after so many trials, I decided the best thing to do is just pop the baskets on the left and right side of the card. LOL!

I really hope his wife loves it. :)


Azwani Shaari said…
Eeeee.... Kak Lin komplot ngn my husband pulakkkkkkk..... Love the card soooooo much:D
Azlina Abdul said…
hehehehe.....so happy that you love it!! :)

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