New born babies!



I got orders from my Mom to make these two new baby cards today. She said...." just make a simple design as quick as you can...and you got two hours to do so! I'm going to a aqiqah kenduri later and I need those by hook or by crook you got to get them done ok!" . YIKES!!!! Luckily I have some printed wordings for baby cards which I have been keeping for quite some time now. I do have plans on making baby cards with them but till now have not been able to do so because I have been so busy keeping up with the other orders. So I guess today, the time finally came for me to do it! LOL!

Honestly I've always wanted to do a baby card with a baby sleeping in a cloth like one of those kind the stork would carry in his beak hihihihi.. :) But I didn't make any stork here.....I didn't have the time to do it. Maybe next time I would include it.  :) I didn't have much idea, and since time was quite I just "hentam sajalah" or shall I say..."I just do what I can anyway I know how"....and I tried my level best to make it look as sweet as possible. Sweet and simple! :)


Aisyah said…
Very cute! How creative of you :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Aisyah! :) It's very very simple and cute! hihihihihi!
Nak kahwin gakkk nak dapat baby!!
Azlina Abdul said…
hihihihi!!! cepat2lah kawin dan dapat baby, Alang...nanti boleh la Lin wat kad baby for you :)
Grace to You said…
How sweet - love the simple design!
alice brown said…
Thanks for sharing these new baby wishes card and greetings. They are exactly what I'm looking for. Cheers and more power to you!


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