More cupcakes!


Cupcakes all around! hehehe! Yes, this is an order I received from a customer who requested me to design a birthday card with cupcakes scattered on the card. She was interested in my HB057 cupcake card and also my HB054 pop up cake, so I combined the two to create this pinky purple theme cupcake card as per request.

The wordings at the front of the card was done using clear stamp with the wordings "Make a Wish". The ink I used is dark purple. It's so dark that it kinda looks like indigo. I was thinking of using pink but decided to use purple instead because it would stand out more. The pink ink color I had was a little too soft.

As usual I enjoyed playing with foams. They simple are fun to play with! Making the cupcakes with them are a treat! I've done purple cupcakes before and now I get to do pink ones. Love them! :)


Grace to You said…
So cute! I think I recognize that stamp. :D

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