Custom officer's retirement and birthday card..


This is one of the hardest figure drawing I've ever had to do! :) I did have a good time on the it though. The front design was simple, but time consuming. Notice how all the heart shapes comes in different sizes? Because all were cut using plain only scissors. No craft punch involved. All cut individually by hand.

The colors of the hearts were determined by my customer. She wanted the same design like V021 but instead of just white and red hearts, she wanted also pink to be included together. It looks so cheerful! :)

My customer gave me photos of her father when he was much younger and was working as a custom officer. He was young and slim back then you can see the contrast of how he looks now when he has retired from the service. I drew the figures with the help of the photos she gave me of her father. I tried my best to make it looks as close as possible to the real person. I really hope he likes it! :)


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