Be patient..... :)

Hello everyone! Today is the day when I will be announcing the 3 lucky winners of the Lin Handmade Greeting Card March 2010 blog giveaway. I have been extremely busy these past week that I have not yet finished viewing all the participants blogs and checking out their entries. (feel so guilty!!! ) hehehehe......So I will be making that announcement later in the evening. I do hope all participants will be patient in waiting for the results.

Thank you all who have participated and supported my blog......I'm so happy to see that so many bloggers have participated this month. So are new participants and some are participating for the second or third time. I really appreciate it a lot! I do hope the amount will increase in months to come. And remember that in months to come more and more cards will be given away to more participants. It will be a great challenge for me to prepare the prizes, but I do love the challenge hehehe!

Sorry again for the late announcement........but don't worry, I shall be announcing it soon.....till then!!



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