Winners of Blog Giveaway February 2010!!

Dear lovely readers....

Today is the day I will be announcing the names of the Blog Giveaway for the month of February. I am so happy to see a lot more people are participating in it. It's great! Thank you so much for the support and encouragement and the participation in my humble giveaway. Thank you for the feedback from my dear readers. It means so much to me! :)

I am happy to announce the 2 lucky winners of the February's 2010 Blog Giveaway.... :). As I did last month, the winners are chosen by a lucky draw. And as always I do get pretty nervous when drawing out those two lucky winner's name from the basket. I leave it all up to my Mom....she will do it for me as I just cannot seem to handle the stress! hahahaha! LOL!

As I shook the basket full of names of the participants written on the paper.....I asked my Mom to draw out two from it. I slowly opened up the folded paper and..........slowly looked at the names of the winners......and they are...........................




Congratulations to both of you for being this month's lucky winners!!! Please email me your full name and complete mailing address and contact number today, at my yahoo email "", so that I can post the prizes to you as soon as I can. :)

Thank you again everyone! Looking forward for the next blog giveaway next month! More prizes to be won!



jazlin said…
omg omg omg!
hehe..thanks k ina..
i just dont know what to say..
sory to my fren they had to listen to my uncontrolable screaming..
at last..

i love u dear!
thanks again~
Hoodie Cam said…
YAY! I've got your e-mail nd thinking to leave something here.

Thanks for organizing such a lovely give-away that made my day!

Guess Im lucky this time. xD

Azlina Abdul said…
Jazlin and both are most welcome!:) Hope you both will enjoy the gifts I've sent you.


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