Will you be mine...?


Look familiar??? Yup! It's an old design with new paper and new wordings! hehehe! What a way to recycle a good idea huh? I even added a new pop up inside it! :)

I really loved the old Valentines Day card design that I made in 2009. The code is V011. It's a favorite among my customers too. The original design was made using a purple base paper. For this particular card design, I choose to use a red color paper instead. Not dark red....just scarlet red.

The pop up I did for this design is actually a mix of pop ups I've done before. This is the first time I'm doing a V-fold type of pop up for a small card like this one. Usually I would do it on larger sized cards. So the pop up is looking pretty cute and small here....hehehe....

Hope you guys like it! :)


anummss said…
kad ni pun ye sis..
harap dapat emailkan kepada saya tentang cara bagaimana saya nak dapatkannyerr ye..


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