Monday, February 8, 2010

A remake of JFY002

JFY003 long has it been since I last made a "Just For You" card? Pretty long!! hehehe! I have not been making any for a long long time......this year, I received a request to make a birthday card and my customer knew what he wanted already. But....he wanted the card to have the same design as the design I made for this JFY002. So.....that is how the front design will look like.....but the inside would have a pop up flower bouquet with birthday wishes in it. I informed him that it's kinda difficult to do that pop up on a small card because the JFY002 card is only 10.4cm x 14.7 cm. So later he agreed to do it on a bigger card thus how this size of card came about.

To be honest......I am loving this new design much better than the old one because this time I get to use the new materials.....such as glitter glue and foam! Yes! I personally feel that it looks much more better this way. I'm just sharing here the design without the birthday wishes......this is how it looks like before I added the wordings inside. The wordings are kinda personal to my customer so I thought perhaps I just show you guys the basic design. :)
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