Pop up cake + boxed gifts


A new creation from me today hehehehe......I made this one for one of my regular customer. She said I can design it anyway I want! ehehehe....best kan?? Love it when a customer gives me the freedom to do whatever I want.ehehehehe! :)

Well....since it's a birthday card, I thought of doing a birthday cake. Also this time around, I wanted to add some gifts beside the cake. This is a simple type of pop up. Where I only have to do the gifts and cake separately....then paste them on the square pop up.

I just love the brown metallic paper I used for this card.....it just makes the card looks expensive ekekekeke! I also love the technique I used for this design.....which is the same technique I used for making my beaded book. What I did was punch out the design on one paper and layer it with another paper below it. I love doing that with my bookmarks hehehe.....so I thought why not try it with my handmade cards and see what happens. You have to click on the photos to have a better picture of what I'm talking about. :) I also love the color combination for this design. Cheerful on the inside..... :)


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