Lots of pink colors!


This was a request from my Mom's friend :). This was probably one of the fasted custom made pop up cards I've ever made because I didn't have any guideline for it.....no particular request, therefore I had total freedom to do whatever I want....whatever my heart desires. :) Don't you just love it when that happens? hehehe.....well I for one love that freedom a lot!

I recently bought this soft sweet pink paper and wanted desperately to use it in one of my designs. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity! Yay! With those big flowers as my inspiration, I just thought of a certain color combination that would fit the color of the card and went along with my instinct. Thus this design was created!

I personally love pop up design inside.....not the flowers, but the part where the stalk of the flowers were woven into the pop up itself. It's like a basket weave you see. I've made an effort to do that technique before. And now, once again here but the difference was, I pasted another layer of paper on the pop up to make it more sturdy. But the thickness of two layers of paper made it difficult for me to weave it. Nonetheless, the pop p was a success.......I manage to do it!! I am so happy about it. I even added the lovely butterflies.....cute! Hope the receiver of this card will love it too! :)


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