Blossoms everywhere....


More stripe designs hehehehe......funny how I don't get bored doing it. LOL! This is another order I got from my regular customer. And as usual, I was given the chance to do whatever design I like. :) This design is a combination of that small design and the big design I did...hehehe.....except I didn't put any leaves on the flowers for this one. Because it will probably look too crowded.

I do like the pop up though.....because this time I popped up the wordings too! Not just the flowers with the vase, but yes, the wordings too. So that's a little different coming from me this time. It's all simple...nothing complicated. I just didn't have enough time to do something complicated because of the work load I'm having to deal with this month. It's just crazy lately over here hehehe......Well I hope you guys love this design as much as I do. I think it looks cheerful.....lots and lots of colors there. :)


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