Be Mine Forever....


I wish I could give this card to someone, but I can't because I know he does not like me anyways....huhuhu! It would be pointless to send it to him.....since I already know the answer. :( The design is kinda symbolic in a way.......the way the heart shape foams flows in between the you guys see what I was trying to convey here in this design?? I wonder if you see it the way I do..... :)

As you can see design has been done for the inside of the card yet.....not even an envelope! ha! I just wanted to share this as soon as I made it........This is the first time also for me to use the butterfly craft punch. I bought it at Tesco in Alor is not a branded craft punch....I was worried that it would not be so good in quality.....luckily it worked out well and it's quite sharp. I can't remember the brand name though as I already threw away the package. But I sure do love the pattern of the butterfly...hence that was why I bought it in the first place hehehe.... :)


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