The golden heart.....


This design is definitely not something new but there is something new that I added to it to make it look more complete. That new addition to the design is the gold glitter glue which I added a lot in all the teeny tiny spaces in between the buttons and sequins. Those tiny spaces can't be filled anymore with tiny sequins or beads, so I thought glitter glue is the best solution to for it so far. It's easy to apply and the end result is great as it makes the heart shape sparkle when it hits the light. Love it so much. :)

This card design was left empty or blank with no wordings on it or inside it.....but there is a pop up heart shape inside it with colors that match the card design. I haven't done this design for awhile now, so when I got an order for this again I realized how hard it is to do takes such a long time to finish the design.....especially the front design where I have to glue all the tiny sequins.... :D This design is suitable for Valentines Day or for any occasion whatsoever..... :)


[ t ] is tEdDie said…
kak lin.. comel nye buttons2 tu... mcm tak sanggup i nak susun all the buttons mcm tu.. hahaha...
Azlina Abdul said…
Teddie...masa K.Lin nak susun buttons tu senang jer tapi yg pening kepala tu masa nak susun sequins yg kecik kenit tu hahaha....rasa macam nak juling mata K.Lin... :D
mama zharfan said…
hi Lin,
how much is the card (pop up golden heart?)

email me yer the price..

Azlina Abdul said…
Mama Zharfan...I have replied your email. Thanks for the inquiry! :)

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