Pop up lips with hearts


I had fun with this one.....as usual when there is pop up involved, it's always fun and challenging too. But I do love simple pop ups.....mainly because they are easier for me to do LOL! hehehe......I'm still learning!

My customer wanted a pop up lip or pop up hearts inside the card.....so I thought why not just combine the two together :). At first I was thinking of using the printed lips of a girl that I normally use for my pop up lips card, but I decided to do something different this time. By making my own paper lips instead of using the printed one, I get to decorate it with glitter glue and also added the golden heart shape at the center :)

The front design is similar to the pop up lips card I made before but I made some little changes to the original design to make it look a little different. I've always wanted to do the heart shape with scallops at the edges of the heart shape.......and I got to do it here....and loving how it turned out. :)


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