Graduation day card.....


I received a request to do a graduation card recently.......and it was up to me to decide how to design it.....I had total freedom! Yay! The journey begins!

I find that a very simple layout can be made difficult simply by the motif itself. I had a vision of how the graduation robe would look like but didn't know how to go about making the hat hahaha.......I wanted to do the tassel a bit bigger for the hat but didn't know I ended up using just a gold string and opening up the ends to make it look like a tassel hehehe...... LOL!

I just didn't know how else to decorate the card......the card itself is quite's half the size of an A4 there were a lot of space to fill up hehehe......I ended up decorating the empty spaces with punched out pattern of a sun and I simply love this new pattern, it's really pretty ( at least I think so hehehe ) right the pattern that I should have used is stars .....but since I don't have that pattern, I decided that the sun would look just as nice! :) After all the sun is a star as well right?? A really really big one! hehehe! Eddhie is now a shining star! One with a bright future ahead of him! :) Congrats!!!


SOHO Mama said…
Wow, this is really cute! Hmmmm siapa yg I kenal yg akan graduate tak lama lagi ye....
Azlina Abdul said…
Hehehe....thanks Millie! Kalau berminat nak order, let me know ya? :)

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