Dora the Explorer


Another order with a little challenge! Yes indeed! When I heard that my customer was interested with the theme "Dora the Explorer" .....I went like....WHO???? hahaha.....I don't even know the character hehehe! LOL! I'm not really familiar with the new cartoon characters.....I only know just a I had to do a little research for this order....hehehe. :)

I think everyone who's been following my work would know that I'm not the expert when it comes to doing figures! Yup! I'm no expert in that! As you can see here.....Dora looks like....errrmmmmm......I think I better leave the comments to myself hahahaha.....LOL! But at least I tried my best to make it look like Dora....luckily Dora's figure is not extremely difficult to draw...otherwise I just don't know how I would have done it. The only person I know who can do figures really well is my blogger friend can view his pop up handmade cards here. I love how he does the figures...... :) Really pretty! I need to learn more on this..... :) Learn.....I must hehehe........


Past Expiry said…
Check out this cartoon about Dora the Explorer!
Feel free to post on your blog or "tweet"
Grace to You said…
I think you did a great job, Lin! Jedidiah has just started watching Dora and the boy-version, Diego, so I'm getting to know them pretty well. :) The girl this card is going to will know instantly who that is waving to her! :)

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