Brown and blue.....


I saw in my research in the net and magazines, quite a few designers who have used this color combination......especially the combination of dark brown and sky blue.....I just added some white and silver to it hehehe :) Really love this color combination especially since my favorite color is blue. I've always wanted to try out this combination and at last I did it hehee....

This birthday card was a request from a customer who wanted something simple....not too overly romantic and yet meaningful.....for her BF heheh..... :)

The card has a white paper inserted on the inside. I added some printed wordings in it as per request........and the card has a matching soft blue handmade envelope.


andrea said…
One word: WOW! Beautiful design. The different colored buttons really make the card IMO.
Azlina Abdul said…
Andrea....thank you so much! But what does "IMO" means?? heheh! I'm not that good with abbreviations hehe!LOL!

Sandi....thanks dear!!

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