Back from the dead......LOL!

Dear all.........

Good news......I took my dead hand phone to the hand phone hospital and met with the "specialist" and believe it or came back from the dead! I just couldn't believe's ALIVE AGAIN!! It didn't even have to be warded for a few days LOL!.......I went there for just about half an hour and then it was all ready to go! I thought I might have to buy myself a new one.....luckily it could still be saved and therefore this saves a lot of my money as well hahahaha..... :D

The bad news is I lost all the contact numbers inside it....sob sob..... :( All contacts numbers of my friends, family and I have to add in everything all over again! I hate it when these things happen......especially since I don't have all those numbers written down anywhere else. I guess I just have to wait for them to contact me back in order for me to get their numbers back again hahahaha.....!

Anyways......I guess there won't be a "funeral" after all........hahahaha! Yay!!!


Grace to You said…
So glad to hear your phone is good to go! But YIKES - all your phone numbers gone?? Argh!!! :D
Azlina Abdul said…
Yup! "Arrggghhh!!!" is the right expression for it! hahaha...

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