2 cars in love!


I got this idea to do this cute design from a card making book I bought years ago......It's called PARTY PAPER by Christian Sanladerer. I was never really attracted by the color scheme they used for the cards in the book and the layouts of the cards was too small. The colors they used were too dark and just not cheerful enough for my liking. But since I love the ideas so much, I decided to make it my own by changing the color scheme and size, plus I also added in my personal touch to it. :)

There are many more designs that I love from the book but I would have to make some changes since I don't like the way the cards are presented and the colors they use. The ideas are there and I think it would be a waste not to give it a try only because of certain reasons. So I am game to do more from the book and make full use of it this year. I was not confident enough to try them years ago as my skills and tools were so limited. I guess I'm ready to try them out now :). Wish me luck guys!!


Grace to You said…
Oh, this is too funny!!! :D What a great card for a car lover!
Good luck!!
Azlina Abdul said…
Yup! I love the idea too! So funny and cute! Thanks Sandi!

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