Thank You Teacher


This is a new design I made last the whole day of yesterday hehehe.....I was brainstorming for new ideas on how to design a thank you card that is meant to be given to a lady teacher. A sweet customer of mine wanted a thank you card design that has soft colours and somehow combine it with an apple (a motif that is always used for teacher's greeting cards). My head just went spinning like crazy thinking of a few designs that would be suitable. I was running out of time.....and I knew I couldn't do anything that was too complicated otherwise it would take too long to complete it.....however I did came up with 2 designs for her to choose from. She finally chose this one and also these wordings that I found in the net for her. I love poems by Joanna Fuchs....they are beautiful.

I've always wanted to do something different everytime I design a new card. And this time around I tried stamping with the big letter stamps that I have. I've seen before in many other handmade designs by other artist whereby they used this similar technique, so I wanted to give it a try. I had to make a small rectangular template so that I could draw it out on paper and cut them up so that I could stamp the letters on them. It's quite fun to do actually hehehe...I really enjoyed stamping the letters "T", "E", "A", "C", "H", "E", "R", then layering them with different colour papers and later arranging them to form a word. The apple was another thing that I loved making....and I even made a miniature one for the envelope. And all that was hand I don't have any ready made template available.....from the apple to the leaf to the stalk of the apple, all hand drawn and cut out using the old scissor hehehe..... I would probably make more card designs using this similar technique of stamping on small rectangular shape paper...because it's actually fun to do! :)


MamaFaMi said…
Your homemade cards are so lovely and sweet looking. Wish I have the talent to create something as creative as these!
Azlina Abdul said…
:) Thank you for the sweet comments! Well Mamafami, I wish I have the talent to bake! hehehe....

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