Pure white and a touch of silver....


I came up with this idea today when my aunt told me that she needed some cards made for her to use.......errrrmmmmm, a card design that would be suitable for all occasions.....she was specific about the the type of paper she wanted though....the white embossed swirling vines paper....she is in lurve with it! :) This card comes with a white handmade envelope and is left blank on the inside for writing in personal wishes. I wish I had a broader white organza ribbon for the card though....it would have been a lot nicer....but I just used what is available in my ribbon collection....I added a string of beads to the knot of the ribbon....just to add some sparkle to it hehehe :). And for the flowers....this time around I added the silver dots to them so that they would match the silver ribbon.... Such a simple card indeed! :)


CC said…
Ooo, this is just gorgeous! I'm sure your aunt loved it! So pretty!!! You are so creative!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks dear!:) I'll be handing the cards over to her tomorrow....I sure do hope she'll be happy with the design :)
gabriela luna said…
Azlina, hello! I just loved this design from the first time I saw it! so simple and beautiful.

I'm kinda back to blogging...
have a great day!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hello there Gabriela! Thank you for dropping by my blog again! I've been visiting your blog every now and then...can't wait to see the transformation :)

Hugs to you, and you have a great day as well! :)

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