Cute pictures....

I got this really pretty wrapping paper with pictures of cute little boys and girls.....I just adore the colour they used for the pictures....the shades of brown, oranges, creams, black, soft green....just so pretty!

Then I cut them up along the lines....all of the pictures from the wrapping paper are not of the same size and it was really tricky to sort them and figure out how to use them in the best way. But I did a design for a card and some bookmarks too. I made a few paper beaded bookmark using those pictures as you can see above. Click here to view the bookmarks in detail in my bead blog.


I really like this card for it's colours.....the mix of brown, mustard yellow, gold and dark brown just suits each other real well. The dots of gold completes everything else. I used the picture from the wrapping had to be cut this way because the picture was not square or rectangular in shape. So decided to choose this shape as it is something different from what I have done before. This card has a paper insert in it just like all of my other cards, to write on personal wishes. It also comes with a matching handmade beige envelope. :)


Grace to You said…
These bookmarks and cards are great! I love the pics of the sweet!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thanks Sandi! I love them too....the kids are so adorable!

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