Untuk Ibu tersayang....


I'm pretty excited today to post this design as this is one of the many designs that I will be making with soft colors combination.....and also because I wanted so badly to use the many coloured buttons I have in my collection....mostly I wanted to use them for flower decorations on cards, so I managed to use them in this design... although I have used buttons before in another one of my flower card designs but that one is a quite tiny button compared to the one I am using in this design....I also made my own wordings inside the card in Malay language...."Selamat Hari Ibu khas buat Ibu tersayang" which simply means....Happy Mother's Day especially for beloved Mother.....hehehe.....and I added some simple decorations of gold dots on it.....Of course the wordings can be changed according to preference.....or if you wish to add more to it to personalize the wordings....it can be done...no problem at all :)


Grace to You said…
Another card I love! :) Love the colors in this one and the double ribbon embellishments!
Azlina Abdul said…
Thank you Sandi! I love this one too! Will give this one to my mom! :)

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