Paper Lips popping up! :)


Finally today I am able to post this design in my blog....after a long time spent figuring out how to do a man's lips popping up in a card! :D hahahaha! This pop up card is a request I received from a good friend of mine who wanted to give this card to his lovely lady hehehehe! I have made a pop up card before using a photo of a woman's lips that I got from the net.....but I never knew how difficult it was for me to find a photo of a man's lips that is suitable....if anybody knows where to get one, please let me know ok? hahahahaha!

So in desperation for a photo of a man's lips, I even tried to take photos of my own lips to use for the card...but it didn't turn out right.....after all I am a woman duhhhhh..... hehehehe! So I decided to make paper lips with a thin mustache on it all by myself.......and I put a heart shape on the lips to show that he is somehow giving his lady love lots of love with his kisses.....ahaks ahaks heheheh........and the card comes with a matching hot red handmade envelope......the design on the card has some similarities from the first one that I made except since this particular card is to be given to a has to have a feminine touch to I made two flowers with heart shape petals to give a romantic touch and lots of petite size heart shapes scattered around the flowers too....the two flowers of course is kinda symbolic, to represent two people in love hehehehe.....LOL! :)


ismahani said…
how much is this?kalu nk gurl lip boleh x?keke
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Ismahani.....boleh if you nak girl lips on this design, no problem....please email me for details on prices! Tq!

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