Orangy gold flowers...


Bright orange and gold colour that simply catches your attention right away....it's a combination of ideas I had in my head these past few weeks.... I have been enjoying making flower designs this way, using the same coloured paper from the background and layering it with a contrasting coloured paper to make it stand out. I'm also loving the petite or tiny flowers that matches the big flower at the top....I just got it last month and can't wait to use it for my small projects....it will look cute on them hehehe.... :) This card can be used for any occasion.....and if anyone is interested in this design...I can also change the colours according to your liking....but it has to be any two colour combination that is.... :)


Grace to You said…
I love this card!! The colors are wonderful together and the design is really eye-catching...love the idea of using the same background color in the layering!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Sandi! Thank you for your sweet comments! I love the idea too! Will keep exploring it more! :)
gabriela luna said…
Me, too! I'm in love with this design! The colors are great and vibrant and the datails so sweet.
I'm happy you kept beading, your bookmarks are unique.
Keep it up Azlina!
Azlina Abdul said…
Hi Gabriela! Thank you for your sweet comments on my card and beaded bookmarks(which I am still addicted to!) hehehe! I'll keep creating! :) Thanks!
Handmade cards said…
I love the gold sparkling out from the card.

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