Lots of love for Mother.....


Soft purple paper stock with combinations of white and soft pink....so sweet....lots of love on Mother's Day.....I used a much thinner paper stock, so it's easier for me to cut the sides of the card to make the wavy patterns.....using special patterned scissors this wavy cut is easily accomplished in seconds hehehe.....I love the white paper that I used to make the heart shapes for this design because it has a metallic line patterns on it....it shines when reflected on the light...very nice :) For this design I didn't make any wordings/wishes on the inside of the card....so, you can write your own special wishes from the heart to your lovely mother and make her the happiest person in the world on Mother's day :).


gabriela luna said…
My mother would be so happy to receive this sweet card! Sorry we're so far away... But maybe next year?
And thanks again for your comment on my blog. I'm happy and healthy again!
Azlina Abdul said…
Gabriela....thanks dear! Hopefully next year we can work something out for your mother hehehe....so glad that you are happy and healthy again!!! All the best to you!

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