54th Birthday....

*The buttons on the flowers are out of stock. If you like to order I can replace the buttons with sequins :)

It has been quite a while since I last posted any card designs in my blog....I know..hehe...I have been quite occupied with life and also with my new product that's been selling really well lately since it's first appearance in my blog hehehe...I knew I should try and balance things up and get back to designing cards. And today I'm very happy to be able to post an entry on a card design I made for my dear customer...it's for her mother's 54th birthday...inspired by the pastel colors that I have been working with lately for the beaded bookmarks and also by the craft work I saw at the craft exhibition a few days ago...finally this design came to mind...it's soft and sweet color is very soothing to the eyes..... :) I love the ribbons that I used for this card...I just got them a couple of weeks ago...not knowing yet what to do with them...and now I do hehehe....what's great about it is that it has two different tones and it's color is very soft and sweet. I also was requested by my customer to do wordings for the inside of the card...and I decorated it with tiny punched out flowers...so cute...it's to match the flowers on the front of the card. I love the cute tiny buttons too! :) I wanted to use some other buttons, but they were too big for the flowers....luckily I had these tiny ones available...and they match perfectly well. Hope to be able to post more card designs soon.....I wish I wish hehehehe.....


Faizah said…
Lin! Love this design too! So very very very very sweet!!! :)

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