Shiny purple flowers

Loved the shiny purple flowers crossing each other by the stems like two lovers united in love :). I would make this type of card that is quite small in size which is only A7 and use it to put in money in it for the bride and groom on their wedding day. There is even a paper insert in the inside of the card for writing on our wishes for the happy couple. It's like 2 in 1, a card and a gift in it too!! :) Suitable for busy people like me who just does not have the time to think of what to buy for them, so by just giving money it saves me lots of time and headache of wondering what to get them! hehehe! And the bride and groom can use the money to buy anything they like for their new home etc.

I have a few more of these types of cards that I use for weddings but have not yet published them here. Will do so soon!


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