On Your Wedding Day


I made this design last month but only now do I have the time to add it in. Been so busy lately with work I forgot all about it! Yikes! :D I love the two butterflies on the edges of the wording on this card...it's shiny and metallic color just makes it attractive to look at. The soft and sweet colored papers with laces at the bottom adds a special touch to it! As usual there's no wordings on the inside of the card....I usually don't make any unless requested by my customers. But it does of course has a beige paper insert in it for writing your own thoughts inside. This cute card would be just lovely for someone's wedding day to give together with a wedding present and of course not forgetting to write something beautiful inside that comes from the heart for the bride and groom. :)


Grace to You said…
What fun to find your beautiful card in my e-mail!!
gabriela luna said…
You won't believe it... I have been wondering how you were but never ocurred to me to click on your name and find out... until now! ... yeah, I know.
All you art is wonderful!
I'm so happy I finally figured things out and that we can be in touch again.
Have a great day and a happy blessed year.
many hugs!
Oh! I love this card, too.
Anonymous said…
za said...

lovely & lovely & lovely...
Anonymous said…
za said...

Lin! muchas2 gracias...:-D
Azlina Abdul said…
Sandi....I'm so glad you subscribed to my blog! Thank you so much! Tq for the sweet comment!
Gabriela....happy to know that you were here! Thank you for your sweet comments, do drop by again soon!
Za...very happy to know that you loved the card!! Thank you for the comments and do drop by often! :)

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