Sam's retirement card


Mr. Shamsulkamar (the happy guy with the yellow shirt) holding the card in his hands with his beloved colleagues :)

Here he is again with the card opened, showing off the inside of the card....with all the signatures and wishes he got from his colleagues... :)

I got a special request from my aunt to make a retirement card for her colleague who is retiring soon. I haven't use a lot of purple color cards in my handmade card designs so for this particular request I decided to use it! I got a tip from my aunt that Sam love flowers, so I added some in it, not too much that it would look so feminine...hehehe...just a little touch!:)

For the inside I made lines of boxes so that there would be spaces for his friends to write wishes and sign their names in it for him. This is so that the people who contributed their signatures or wishes would have ample space to write and all would look organized and neat inside the card. I am so happy to know that Sam's colleagues loved the card and it made Sam happy too with all the lovely wishes in it! That's enough to make my day! :)


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Grace to You said…
Another great design!!

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