A beaded christmas tree


Another Christmas card on my list! :) So excited about it! I've always wanted to do a Christmas tree card with some beads and sequins decorated on it...to add some glitters to it too. Yet again another simple design I made using an A6 size red card to have some contrast on the green tree and also some Christmas spirit to it! I sew on the tree the beads and sequins, LOVE doing that! Ever since I found a way of doing it on paper, I do attempt to use this technique whenever I find it being suitable for a particular design. I just love the effect it gives to the card.

I decorated the background with silver dots to symbolize the snow falling down on the decorated tree. It gives a feeling of cold breeze (the snow) and hotness (the red card) to it! hehehe! The tree itself was made by using two tones of green, lined with some little space between them to create a patterned design. Recently I just love doing that...lining up strips of different colored paper side by side to create a patterned design...kinda meditative to me I suppose to do that hehehe. :D
The card could just be left blank or have a simple Christmas message inside. I already have in mind who to give this special Christmas card to
...ooooh can't wait!!!! :D


Lara said…
Oooh! Love the beads and sequins on the tree! :) I would love to have these hehe...
Sandra said…
So cute! :) Love it! Can I get discount if I want to buy only one card?? :D
Grace to You said…
This is so CUTE! I love the two tones of green and the beads...what a great card!

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