Happy Birthday Kak!!!! :)

Front view of my sister's birthday card...very funny hehehe :) the cows looked so happy with their cakes hehehe.....just like me and my sis, whenever we are enjoying our cakes :).

Top view...you could see the paper insert in the card which is yellow in color to match the card.

The tag...very simple, taken from the same wrapping paper and I wrote there at the cake (34th) to show her age hehehe.....picture not that clear though :(

Love working with these patterned papers as there is so much one can do with it and it's so easy to use. I was out of ideas to do a birthday card for my sis this year..... I want to be funny and cheerful.... not the feminine type or girlish ones, because I know she wouldn't like those kinds hehehe.... so, since she was born in the year of the Cow and love eating cakes so much, I decided that this patterned paper would be most suitable to use for her birthday card. I was also inspired by the colors of Deepavali (that was celebrated last week) .... which explains why I used lots of oranges and yellow and red in this design...love the warm cheerful colors...a warm and cheerful birthday for my dear sis! :)


Grace to You said…
Another great card, Lin! I like to use wrapping papers a lot in cards too, and patterned tissue papers also...I use spray adhesive on the back of the entire sheet of tissue, then mount it on a piece of posterboard and cut it up. The tissue has an interesting texture and a nice matte finish. I'll send you some. :)
Azlina Abdul said…
Wow! Thanks Sandi! So sweet of you!! Will be waiting anxiously for the tissue paper from you hehehe! Thanks for the tips too!!! I love to try out working with new materials! I think I am a bit addicted to using wrapping paper and also using strips of paper to decorate the card. I find it so meditative too... :).

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