Birthday Glitters

A close up of the glitters

View on the inside of the card

This is a cute little gift package that I made from scratch and glued it on the paper insert in the card. I also placed a birthday tag on it too as a simple birthday message.

A close up of the card with the wordings and number


Glitter crazy :). I experimented with glitters just the other day and tried to use glue to hold the glitters and presto! Got it!!! It was a bit difficult doing it on wordings as compared to dots or simple lines...but I managed to do it in the end! :) I do know that in the market there is glitter glue sold with special bottle and nozzles to make it easier to decorate on cards but since I already have the glitters at home, I wanted to try to make it my own way. Tomorrow is Nick's birthday and hopefully she will love it :)


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