Quilling leaf tutorial

(My handmade birthday card that I made last year using those quilling leaves)

My first quilling tutorial for 2018. ☺☺☺

I wanted to do this simple quilling leaf tutorial since last year after I made the leaves for one of my  handmade cards. There was a lot of demand for the tutorial after I made a blog post about the handmade card. In fact I did make one video tutorial of the quilling leaf last year but there was some major mistakes that I did in it therefore I couldn't upload it on YouTube. Ever since then, I never had the time again to do another one till today. Waahhh sibuk sangat ke??!! Hahaha! Oh well! At least I did try to make it again this year. The first of many more to come in shaa Allah. ☺❤

When I made those quilling leaves for my handmade card, the leaf was pretty simple. Basically I just used the same technique as I did the quilled sprigs and just wrapped the sprig with another piece of quilling paper around it to make it look like a leaf with veins. This year, I thought of pasting the leaf on green coloured paper so that it will have a background colour so that it will not look like a see through leaf.

As usual I used 3mm x 297mm shredded quilling papers to make the leaves. But you can use any type of quilling paper that you like. Any size, any colour, it doesn't matter, as it is all up to your creativity to make it look more beautiful. I just wanted to share the method so that you have an idea of how it is done. 

I do hope you will check out the video and try making the quilling leaf yourself. Have fun quilling everyone!! ☺☺☺


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
its cute....look nice pair with the flowers....thanks for the tutorial kak lin...
Henrietta Jose....you're most welcome. Glad to know you like it! Hope you had fun making them :).

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