Three layers tiny loops quilling flower tutorial

I'm so excited today that I finally got this quilling flower tutorial done! Wooohooo!!! The last time I did a quilling tutorial was last January, which means it was about 8 months ago. No wonder I feel so at lost when I did the video today, it's because it's been too long since I last did a tutorial. I know there are so many other tutorials that I need to do. So hopefully I will get to do more after this. Been working on this quilling flower a little over a couple of weeks now. Those who follows me on Instagram @azlinaabdul would know about it since I posted some photos of the flower there before.

In the beginning I only made the flower using just a single colour for the whole flower. Then I realized that it would look a lot better with 2 different colours, until one day I realized that using 3  different colours for each layer of the loop would be better.

It took me so long to get the video done because I needed to get the right measurements for the flowers and of course to make some samples of them as well. Also, I needed to plan out how to do the tutorial itself so that it's easy for viewers to understand what I'm teaching them. 

As always I would be using the shredded papers for my quilling tutorials. Because my main mission for making them is to help those who aren't fortunate enough to buy standard/high quality quilling supplies to not feel they need to use expensive quilling papers to make pretty crafts. They just need to be creative that's all. But of course, you could use any type of quilling paper for this quilling flower. It doesn't matter. 

My shredded papers are 3mm wide by 297mm in length. To make one flower, takes about 45 pieces of quilling strips! That's a lot of paper! I was hesitant to do the quilling tutorial because of this. When I realized how long it's going to take to make just one flower, I freaked out! I knew uploading the video on YouTube would take me hours. So I tried my best to make it as quickly as I could! Had to do some shortcuts to make it happen. But I'm glad I did it anyways. At least now I have a video of it in case I forget one day how to make the flower hahahahaha.

Hope you will check out the video tutorial below, HAPPY QUILLING!!!


Diana Moriel said…
Those flowers are simply gorgeous!! I love them!
Diana....thank you so much! I love them to bits too! :D

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