My second pop up mosque Raya card in 2017


Hello again how was your raya/eid celebration this year? Mine was good, hope yours were good as well! Had lots of goodies to eat after one month of fasting. Luckily I didn't over do it and gained back all the pounds that I've lost! Phew! Eat in moderation ok guys! 😀😀😀

So here they are, as I mentioned before in my previous post....the 5 pieces of pop up mosque raya cards that I made for the same customer who ordered those small ketupat ribbon raya cards. I think I was much more sad to see these go compared to the other raya card design. Perhaps because the papers that I used to make the flowers are no longer available. All used up for the 5 cards. I didn't even have a sample of the card in my collection now's just a coincidence that the papers used were just enough for that amount of card, not more, not less.

I started off by making the flowers first. I had to make sure there was enough of them for all 5 cards, otherwise I would have to choose other type of pattern papers for the flowers. After that was settled, then I can start thinking of the other parts of the design such as the sentiments on the card, pop up mosque etc etc.

The die cut flowers were fun to make. It's been a while since I last used the dies....I think the last time I used them was for the Happy New Year card. At first I thought of using the same gold ink that I used for the other raya card.....but unfortunately it was not suitable at all for this design because of the colour combination makes the card look dull. So I had to use the bright orange watercolour instead. So instead of using the calligraphy pen, I had to use the watercolour brush. There are times when using the brush can be challenging especially if you don't have a steady hand. So again, because of that a lot of mistakes were made and I had to make quite a lot of the sentiments so that I can choose the best ones for the 5 raya cards.

You must be wondering why I made the pop up mosque this way instead of making the pop up look like a square building just like the mini mosque I made before. Well, one thing I've learned when making those mini pop up mosque was that if I wanted to make that type of pop up mosque I would need a bigger card so that there is ample space inside the card for people to write their wishes in it. So to get that bigger space, the pop up mosque had to be done this way instead.

If you are also wondering how I made those mosques, well, they were cut by hand as well using the craft knife. Same goes with the green bushes as you can see I had to cut them up by hand as well. It was time consuming indeed. But somehow I kinda like the process of arranging them at the sides of the mosques. 

Well that's about it. That's what happened and hopefully next year I'll get the chance to prepare them again. The process was really interesting and I did all of them myself to the best of my ability. Do check out the video below to view how the card pop up opens up. Thank you!! 😁😁😁


HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
i love the flowers kak lin...they are so cute...
Thank you so much Henrietta! :)
Himanshi said…
love your card, are those flowers die cuts......
akak beli mana kertas2 keras nak buat kad tu
saya cari tak jumpaaa ������
Himanshi...thank you so much. Yes, they are die cut flowers. I used Die Namics Prima Donna Petals, from
Nurnadhirah .....Hehehe....banyak tempat dik akak cari kertas....ada juga kertas yang akak dapat dari kawan2 dari USA. Diaorang bagi kat akak sebagai hadiah.

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