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How to make two tone tear drop shape quilling flowers

We are coming close to mid February and I'm blogging about something that I did last January! LOL! It's been a month since I last blogged here. And soon enough, after this I'll be blogging a lot more on what I did last January because January was so packed with crafting activities. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to blog about them then.
Last year I made quite a lot of this two tone tear drop shape quilling flower for my customers. I made quite a lot of cute thank you cards for them and decorated them with this flower. I even made a birthday card with this type of flower. Since so may requested for a tutorial for this flower, I tried to make one for them. I don't always get some free time to do it, but when I do, I try to make a few if possible.
I do hope many enjoyed the tutorial I uploaded on YouTube.....and tried to make this flower your own. For those who didn't manage to check it out earlier at my YouTube channel, you can check it out at the v…

My second pop up mosque Raya card in 2017

Hello again how was your raya/eid celebration this year? Mine was good, hope yours were good as well! Had lots of goodies to eat after one month of fasting. Luckily I didn't over do it and gained back all the pounds that I've lost! Phew! Eat in moderation ok guys! 😀😀😀
So here they are, as I mentioned before in my previous post....the 5 pieces of pop up mosque raya cards that I made for the same customer who ordered those small ketupat ribbon raya cards. I think I was much more sad to see these go compared to the other raya card design. Perhaps because the papers that I used to make the flowers are no longer available. All used up for the 5 cards. I didn't even have a sample of the card in my collection now's just a coincidence that the papers used were just enough for that amount of card, not more, not less.

I started off by making the flowers first. I had to make sure there was enough of them for all 5 cards, otherwise I would…

Salam Aidilfitri pop up card

 HR030 I started working on these pop up raya cards in early May.....I was supposed to start earlier because I received the order to make them about a month earlier if I am not mistaken but there were a lot of things that came up and my work had to be put on hold for quite a long time. One of the reasons that made it almost impossible for me to work was when we had to rewire the entire house. A fire might start if we didn't do something quick. I had to remove all my things from my studio since it was no longer safe to work in it.  All the things inside it had to be taken out and placed in another room. Since I had a LOT of stuff, it took me at least 3 days to do it!!! Yikes!! 3 days gone just like that. After that, it was hell for me because I was not able to do work comfortably in the other room. Most of the time I was working on the floor and aching all over trying to get some work done because I just cannot just sit around doing nothing. It's just not me. It also took the e…

Quilled sunflower birthday pop up card

I wanted to blog about this card for a month now......made this one in May....but only now in June, I have the time to blog about it. I've just finished making a lot of raya cards and I just had to take a short break to blog about this card first before blogging about the raya cards some time this week. Need to make time to blog too right? :)
I had a great time making this one...especially the part where I get to make the quilled sunflowers. I've done quilled sunflowers before but they were simpler and not as many as I did for this new card. When I got a request from my customer, he told me that he actually loved my quilled sunflower card design that I did some years ago. The only thing he wanted to see differently in the new card is MORE SUNFLOWERS!!! That's all. HEHE! And that's what I tried my best to do.....made 6 of them and struggled to decide how to arrange 6 of them on that card, which was not that big.....only half the size of an A4 paper.
I told him tha…

Mini ketupat project

Made lots of mini yellow and green ketupat this year!! Woooohooo!💗💗💗 It's always exciting to make them although they are kinda challenging to make because of their tiny size! Usually I would make them for my handmade cards but for this year, is a little different.
I got a request from Elsie of @mangoliciousmango to make 50 pieces of the mini ketupat for her Raya Gift Packs. I thought it was a really fun idea and agreed to do it. Usually I would never take such requests because I prefer to make them for my handmade cards instead. But since she really needed the help, I just couldn't say no. And I am glad that I had the time to do it too when she needed them.
As you can see from the photos, Elsie makes homemade fruit jams! How cool is that!? I think it's so cool! I can't make any myself hahaha! Never tried making them before. Well, in each of her Raya Gift Pack there's 3 bottles of jams, Mango, Mango-Pineapple and Durian jam. Also included are crackers and spoons…