Birthday easel card with pink quilling flowers


I guess there's always a story behind every art work that I do and this one is no exception. It all started when I was playing with my quilling comb about a week ago. It had been a while since I last held one in my hand and made any quilling shapes with it. I then tried to make quilling loops with the comb and started layering each one on top of the other and somehow created this quilling pattern below.

After doing that, I kept thinking of how to turn it into a petal because I wanted to make a flower with it. But since it was so big, I turned it into a flower bud instead. Then when I did somehow reminded me of a strawberry ...doesn't it look like one to you?? Hahahahha....Check out the photo below....

No matter how it looked, pink strawberries or flower buds, I still loved it! And decided to use it for my new handmade card design that I was requested to do for a very special person.

These days I prefer to hand letter all my sentiments for my handmade cards. I guess, it would make the card more special and unique instead of just printing them. Plus by doing so, I get to practice writing with the brush again too. Which I don't get to do everyday. So it was fun. :) Do check out the video of the card below.

Like I said earlier, this card was made for someone special. And that someone is actually the founder of Jamu Mandara, Puan Azliza Ahmad. Her birthday was earlier this month but I was only able to give the card to her a week later. A little late but better late than never right? Hehe! :) Below are a couple of photos of her and me when we met a few days ago in Kangar, Perlis for a business meeting.

I also made her a hand bound book. A simple coptic stitch hand bound book. Actually, both the card and the hand bound book had the same colour combination of bright pink and lime green. This is because the product she sells uses the same colour for the packaging. So I thought that it would be cool to use those colours for the design of the handmade card and hand bound book. So it's something that she would appreciate because it's related to her products. 

I started taking her Jamu products since August this year. I've been getting really great results ever since I took them. I feel so much lighter, more energetic and I've been able to do my work better ever since. I can't imagine going through a day without it. So I am very much grateful to Puan Azliza Ahmad for her help in making me feel good through her products and I couldn't be happier to be able to meet her in person to thank her personally for that. The meeting was also for us to talk more about business since last October I decided to become an agent for Jamu Mandara because I was so confident of their products and would like to spread the word about it to all my friends and family about how wonderful Jamu Mandara is. I would certainly not hide whatever good things I know and would like more people to feel good like I do. Below is Jamu Mandara's advert and description of their product that I take every day. So if you would like to give it try, you can contact me at my WhatsApp 017-6508141 for orders. I would definitely give you a special price for it :). 


Shylaa Shree said…
Noor - getting updates from your blog after a longtime with a beautiful flower. your handwriting is awesome
Dr Sonia S V said…
So pretty your flowers are
Dr Sonia
Shylaa Shree.....thank you so much for checking out my latest post. I truly appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much! :)
Dr Sonia S V.....thank you so much! :)
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
i love the pink fglower. they r so cute...

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