New look for my quilling beginners kit

I am happy to introduce to everyone here the new look of my basic quilling kit for quilling beginners. From now onwards, the quilling kit will have a more colourful set of quilling papers for quilling beginners to play with. The previous ones were more on pastel colours and since I received a lot of request for more cheerful colours, I decided to give it a change of look.

Each basic quilling kit only costs RM20.00. This is a SPECIAL PRICE. You would only get it if you buy all those items in a set. If you buy them individually it would costs more as the total costs of each set is RM23.00. So it's definitely a good bargain. The cost for delivery depends on your location and weight of package.

 Items in quilling kit:
1 handmade rainbow slotted quilling tool
1 mini circle template
1 small nozzle white glue
4 packs of 80gsm quilling papers (200 pieces altogether)

I also sell these handmade slotted quilling tools and the price is still RM12.00 a piece. I make these tools myself by hand and it's definitely not an easy thing to do but I do enjoy making them. To date, it has been almost two years since I started making this quilling tool and I have learned a lot a long the way. From using glitters, to beads and now quilling papers as the decoration inside the tool. I have perfected the process and tried to make it look as neat as I could. And of course to make it as comfortable for the users as possible.

So if you wish to purchase this quilling kit or quilling tool, do contact me at:

WhatApp number 017-6508141 
Email me at


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