Purple and peach roses easel card


I cannot remember if I have ever done a purple and peach colour combination before in the past for any of my handmade cards but I'm glad that I did so for this card as I really like this combination. It's all thanks to my customer who requested these colours.

This is also a first for me to add a photo frame on an easel card. This is another request from my customer. I've already done photo frames for my tri-shutter cards before and I was excited that I could try to add one for this easel card too. The only issue is the size of the frame. I knew I could not fit a big one on it, so I added a small one, that is just big enough to fit a photo of a person in it. 

The design for this card is a lot similar to the easel card design I've done before where I decorated it with lots of die cut paper roses. I just love making them! Especially with patterned papers.

I also tried to write the sentiment myself with the brush lettering technique. I still have a lot to learn and I love learning how to do it. I am constantly learning and improving my brush lettering strokes. I do so that I am able to use the skill on my handmade cards. I do love seeing them on my handmade cards a lot! It simply is a good thing to see for a change from computer printing or stamping.

Do check out the video below to see how the card opens and put on a stand. Thank you! :)


CC said…
So beautiful, Lin! And your lettering is beautiful too! ♥
HeNRieTTa JoSe said…
i always adore your roses kaklin....i love them so much....
this ni3za said…
Cantik sgt..I love DIY..Tp xde mase nk buat..hoho
Dear CC,
Thank you so much!! Love you!! ;)
Thank you so much!! I love those roses too!! ;)
this ni3za,
Terima kasih dear!! :)

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