Pop up balloons birthday card


This birthday boy card was indeed a rush to make. I didn't get much time to do it as I was given such a limited time to get it done. Usually I take such a long time to get a card done. I can be pretty meticulous and find it hard to make a decision. In short, I'm super slow. So I really shocked myself when I did get it done in the end. Haha!
I'm 100% sure that part of the reason is because I was give 100% freedom to design it anyway I like it. I was only told that the colour of choice is blue, so there must be blue colours on the card and the boy's age and name must be added on it too. That's about it!
It had to be simple because of the time constraint. That was the only way I could get it done on time. I was lucky enough to have the type of pattern paper that was suitable for the occasion and everything just went well after that. I was relieved! I really love the balloons pattern paper. Finally I get to use it for this card. It's super cute for boys that age. And from there I got the idea to make pop up balloons. I drew and cut the balloons one by one by hand. No die cuts ok!! Haha! Just a simple pattern to draw and cut. Easy!

I also wrote the sentiments myself using a small brush and ink. Gosh I'm so glad that I could do it myself, because then I never have to worry about printing them again. Or stamping for that matter! Just write it! As simple as that! I do have to get me more ink colours though. The ones I have now are quite limited and only suitable for limited colours of cards. Do check out the video below! Thank you!! :).


CC said…
So much fun! I love it! ♥

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