Red and black card in a box birthday card


This card is actually a remake of my HB118B card that I made sometime ago. I got a request to make the same exact card unfortunately some of the sponge stickers are no longer available in the market. So I had to find other sponge stickers that would be suitable as a replacement.

Luckily I could find some that would match in time before the due date. Card design like this one is easy to mix and if there is one or two of the items on the card that is no longer available it can easily be replaced.

This card sure is very colourful, suitable to be given to a girl or guy. I should make more stocks of this card if I can. Do check out the video I took of the card so you can see how it opens and closes. Thank you!


HeNRieTTa JoSe said… usual...i love it...

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